gg written by _Wizard_, 5 years, 10 months ago

Alright, that does it, we are finally done with the GG Tournament 2013!!! I'm proud to announce that the championship has been taken by 40ShotsNoKill, who ousted 3laCk. 4-0 on Refinery and Sewer. The tournament website bracket and shoutcasting sections have both been updated, so if you haven't watched this game already, GO DO IT, it was some extremely high-level play from 2 of the best teams this game has ever seen!

I hope everyone had as much fun playing their matches as we did watching these games unfold. Great job for coming together and showing the world that Quake Wars is not forgotten yet! Every team did a fantastic job of organizing their matches and playing in a tournament setting against people who are thousands of miles away.

Congratulations to our winners:

1st place - 40ShotsNoKill (A, Deathy, j4b, jopjop, Kordin, Rex, and Samurai)
2nd place - 3laCk. (Alsef, Feruto, Pliscin-7, and ShadowToLight)
3rd place - sQwaL (Axter, Gen9is., Perfect, rUBBEN, SickBoogie, Snotling, and Tirok)

Great job to everyone on these teams for proving their might! As I close out this tournament and start distributing prizes, I just want to make a few thank-you's:

Thanks to our hardworking and dedicated server admins - OmeletDuFrommage on behalf of TAW|Artists of the Battlefield|NA Hamster GG Tournament and TAW|Artists of the Battlefield|EU Abundance GG Tournament; alphabeta on behalf of PV ETQW ProMod Gaming Clan; Rasczak on behalf of -/\-Villa-/\- Villekulla - GG Tournament; and Shifty, Rex, and whoever else runs ad Awesome Dudes Pro and ad Awesome Dudes Custom Maps. We would have had nowhere to actually PLAY these games if it weren't for these people, so if you see them online or just want to PM them, give them a BIG thank you for all their efforts setting up these servers!!

Thanks to our wonderful tournament officials - alphabeta, Rex, onYn, and Khamul. These were the guys working behind the scenes to help us fine-tune the rules and officiate matches when we couldn't be there.

Thanks to our shoutcasters -, [], [], [], [] and [] They made it possible for you to keep up with the games you're not playing in, and provide some very colorful commentary along the way.

Thanks to our monetary prize pool donators - Nemesis, Donnovan, d3Xter, and alphabeta. They're providing the motivation to follow the rules and play your games.

Thanks to our non-monetary prize pool donators and the reason any of this is even possible - badman and everyone over at Splash Damage for giving us Dirty Bomb Elite Packs to give away and for creating and supporting this fantastic game which has brought all of us here together.

Thanks to my partner in crime - Nemesis. This whole tournament started because we were watching some of Samurai's old YouTube frag videos and thought "man, wouldn't it be cool to do one last tournament with all the teams?" and next thing I know, he e-mails me a rough draft of the rules.

And last but not least, thank YOU for bearing with us thick and thin through these last 3 months and making this silly dream of ours a reality. You guys are the players that have been dedicated to this game, and to making a full tournament happen by bringing your teams back from the memories. This tournament would have been no fun if it was just 4 teams, but we managed to get SIXTEEN teams signed up and playing, so congratulations to everyone for making that happen!


Round 4 Schedule written by _Wizard_, 6 years ago

Top Bracket

TAW Crimson vs. 3laCk.
Saturday, June 8th, 18:00 GMT

sQwaL vs. 40ShotsNoKill
40ShotsNoKill win, shoutcast: []

Bottom Bracket

[Masterclan} vs. Bullet Hell
Sunday, June 9th, 18:00 GMT, pending reschedule

Turtle Power! vs. LoOL:)
Sunday, June 9th, 19:00 GMT

Now for some proactive rule addendums before it becomes an issue in the future:

1. If, in a tiebreaker map, neither team manages to set a time and it must go to a second tiebreaker map, whoever picked the map for tiebreaker #1 will now pick the server for tiebreaker #2 and whoever picked the server for tiebreaker #1 will now pick the map for tiebreaker #2.

2. An NA vs. NA game must be played on an NA server. Likewise, an EU vs. EU game must be played on an EU server. The server choice shall remain with the team picking the map, but they are restricted to picking a server on the same continent.


Round 3 Schedule written by _Wizard_, 6 years ago

Top Bracket

No games this week...stay tuned!!

Bottom Bracket

TAW Cobalt vs. [Masterclan}
Sunday, June 2nd, 19:00 GMT

Bullet Hell vs. ZUBR
Sunday, June 2nd, 18:00 GMT

Turtle Power! vs. (SVOBODA)
Sunday, June 2nd, 18:00 GMT

LoOL:) vs. The Outlawed
Thursday, May 30th, 21:00 GMT (23:00 CEST/16:00 CDT)