Round 2 Schedule written by _Wizard_, 5 years, 2 months ago

Top Bracket

TAW Cobalt vs. TAW Crimson
TAW Crimson win, shoutcast: to be uploaded

3laCk. vs. Bullet Hell
Friday, May 24th, 22:00 GMT+2 (GMT+1 hour in summer time)

Turtle Power! vs. sQwaL
Sunday, May 26th, 20:00 CET

LoOL vs. 40ShotsNoKill
40ShotsNoKill win, shoutcast: []

Bottom Bracket

Clutch vs. [Masterclan}
Sunday, May 26th, 18:00 GMT

biAtch! vs. ZUBR
Sunday, May 26th, 18:30 GMT (20:30 CEST)

(SVOBODA) - bye

The Outlawed vs. Locked on Target
Sunday, May 26th, 18:00 GMT

Good luck to the teams that still have to play, and let's start organizing the shoutcasters because these games look pretty intense!


The Tournament Has Gone Live! written by _Wizard_, 5 years, 3 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen, the tournament is officially LIVE!!! Registration is closed , and the first round of brackets have been posted to []!

Some reminders as we get underway:

1. Make sure everyone on your team connects to all tournament servers to verify that all downloads are completed. Remember, all players must be present on the map at the scheduled time; it doesn't count if someone's loading in or downloading, you've only got 1 hour from the time your match was scheduled to take place to have everyone sitting on GDF/Strogg.
----a. The official tournament servers are as follows:
--------i. TAW|Artists of the Battlefield|NA Hamster GG Tournament
--------ii. TAW|Artists of the Battlefield|EU Abundance GG Tournament
--------iii. PV ETQW ProMod Gaming Clan
--------iv. -/\-Villa-/\- Villekulla - GG Tournament
--------v. ad Awesome Dudes Pro
--------vi. ad Awesome Dudes Custom Maps
----b. TV servers may not be up and running just yet, give us a while to get that detail ironed out.

2. Teams have between the times brackets are posted until 23:59 GMT Wednesday to schedule a match with their opponents. The match time MUST be e-mailed to so that we can ensure that an official is present at the time of the match and that shoutcasters know when to go live. If a match time isn't e-mailed to us by 23:59 Wednesday, a match time will be scheduled for you by the admins to take place at 18:00 GMT Sunday.
----Please also remember that both teams must e-mail the account after the game has occurred with the results, including maps played and who won each map.
----All scheduled match times must be e-mailed at least 24 hours in advance of the game. This ensures that the admins have enough time to determine who will officiate the match, and for shoutcasters to be present during the game.

3. Please verify that your team's profile on the website has been updated with appropriate contact information (Steam/in-game name or e-mail address preferred). Not everyone knows how to use IRC or plays on the same servers as their opponents (re: NA players on EU servers), so please provide a means of getting in touch with your team so that your matches can be scheduled.

4. There will be no smurfing allowed during official matches. This is for the benefit of the shoutcasters, the viewers, and the match officials. We're taking this seriously; you're playing for prize money that has been donated by some very charitable people, so please be respectful to their wishes. We're also playing by the honor system here by not enforcing GUIDs, so the team that shows up to play MUST be using the names registered to the official roster.

5. The reload glitch is allowed.

6. When e-mailing the official e-mail address about your scheduled match, you DO NOT have to select your maps, only tell us the time you're playing. Please be mindful from here on out about who sees what. The tournament is live, and everyone is now playing against each other for the prize and the glory. The match officials (those who have access to the official e-mail) may be your opponent some time in the future. When you're e-mailing us, or posting on the forums, try not to give away your team's map choices or player lineups or anything that can be strategically used against you.

7. Night Raid will be temporarily unavailable as a map choice during this first round because we have not had an opportunity to verify the version all the servers are running. We will try our best to have it ready for Round 2.

8. We will continue to accept donations throughout the course of the tournament, for anyone feeling inclined to up the ante and raise the stakes. Just go to [] to help contribute!

That's all for now, start scheduling your matches and e-mailing us when they'll take place so they can get officially shoutcasted!! We may have some surprises in store for you yet!!!


Time Zone Converter written by ggtournament2013, 5 years, 3 months ago

When scheduling matches, the biggest issue teams seem to have is time zone conversion. Please confirm and re-confirm that you convert correctly between time zones.

This website can help you convert between time zones: []